Legends aren’t born. They are made. Though, in your case it might be both!

Legends At War is a brand new on-chain play-and-earn MMORTS


Limited Spots Available

L.A.W. is set in the time of Joan of Arc and Edward the Black. This was the age of villains and heroes…both of which are immortalized in legend.

Legends At War allows you to build a village into a Medieval empire. You will upgrade your buildings, train your armies, hire legendary heroes, and participate in a sandbox world of Medieval England. 

You’re able to form alliances or wage war against your neighbors as you seek to maneuver through the robust political landscape of the Hundred Years War.

Want to be a part of the game? They are giving exclusive beta-test access to the first members to join.

Want to be a legend? One lucky player will have a custom legend made for them!

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If you weren’t quick enough, don’t fret. Sure, you might’ve missed out on the exclusive first round of beta-testing and some incredible perks BUT you’ll have more opportunities in the future. Use the link below to drop your email for game updates!

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